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With Tony Devitt

2 x 1/2 days
Now available ONLINE
Max group size 4
Open programme dates coming soon. Learn with others. 

Work with me on your presentation for maximum impact

Confidential 1 to 1 input Create your message
 Develop your presenting style

As part of my interest in Training/Development/Marketing & Promotion I decided to develop the skillset needed to be able to produce engaging content that delivers the message!

So I am a graduate of the Bill Keating Centre of TV Production, Direction & Presenting, The Gaiety School of Acting and not forgetting Shannon College of Hotel Management.

I have 15 years experience of working on live and televised performances in front of, and behind the camera, and 30 years of presenting to small, medium and large audiences of both friends and strangers.

I will bring out the very best in you so you can get your message understood.
I did my first presentation, by accident, when I was 18 (but that's another story) and have been presenting ever since, in both Training and Operational roles.

It's that 'Operations' bit that gives me the edge. I understand business. I have a commercial background in a range of sectors and that really helps when it comes to assisting you to  develop a message for delivery.

The next step is an email. It really is up to you to be the presenter you always wanted to be......... and I can help!

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